Swarm Simulation

MULTlv is an experiment in Emergence or Emergent Behavior - i.e. Arise of apparent order or pattern inside a system, as a result of the activity of its smaller scale compenents (such as the Natural evolution of urban fabrics and land use distribution, as seen in unplanned cities).

The System defines a series of agents that represent the “Events” in space. The Digital  tool implements knowledge of natural Emergent agent based systems with Self-Organizing ability, also known as “Swarm Intelligence”.

A Clip showing one iteration of the swarm simulation process

Simulation Rules

The organizing method has 2 principles:
  1. Parameter Compatibility - Adjusting the parameters within the “Event”. For instance, a “noisy” event can’t also be noise sensitive.
  2. Attraction/Repulsion - Each “Event” is influenced by a set of forces defined by its parameters and its relative  position to other “Events” and other site relevant input. 

Simulation Setup

Paramter Setup Interface

The System uses an input interface which controls the overall distribution of each parameter, while creating random and unique parameter combination for each “Event”.

Screen Captures Showing each agents' parameters

The Simulation and Analysis Tool was built using MaxScript and the Autodesk 3DS Max' "Crowd" Module.